Warrington Township

Wellsville, Pennsylvania

Township Taxes

Marcy Renshaw, elected Tax Collector for Warrington Township, collects taxes levied by the Township, York County, and the Northern School District. Real estate tax and Per Capita tax bills are sent to taxpayers in February for Township and County taxes and in July for School tax. For information call Marcy Renshaw at 432-8165.

To figure real estate tax multiply the tax millage rate by the amount of property assessment. Property located in York County is assessed by the York County Assessment Office – phone 717-771-9232 or via the website www.york-county.org. Clean and Green information and appeal forms are available from the York County Assessment Office.

Earned Income Tax is collected by the York Adams Tax Bureau. A 1.25% tax is levied on all earned income of Township residents. The tax is split between the Northern School District and the Township. The Township share is .5 of 1% with the School District receiving .75%. The number to call for York Adams Tax Bureau is 717-845-1584 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Periodically, a census of the Township will be taken to verify residency for Earned Income Tax collection.


To retrieve tax forms please see:  www.yatb.com

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